Business & Profit Matters – Autumn 2023

The Autumn edition of Business & Profit Matters is now available for you to read. In this April issue:

  • ESSTs- The ATO Eyes Wrongdoers — Did you know that it’s not only accepting cash-in-hand payments that businesses might use to avoid paying additional taxes?
  • Getting Fuel Tax Credits Right — Fuel tax credits are often subject to change, so knowing what you or your business may be able to claim is critical. If you make the wrong claim on your BAS, you could be out of pocket for an avoidable mistake.
  • Accessing Small Business Tax — Are you a small business? You might be eligible for certain small business concessions, which can apply to sole trader, partnerships, companies of trusts.
  • 5 Record-Keeping Questions We’re Often Asked
  • The Buzz About ChatGPT & AI — While it may sound like a scene from Back to the Future, AI has advanced to the point where it can now serve as a useful writing tool for businesses. Although it may take some time to fully replace the human touch, ChatGPT has garnered much attention lately due to its increasing sophistication and widespread usage in various industries such as marketing and customer relations.
  • And More…!

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