Wealth & Super Matters – Autumn 2024

In this Autumn issue of Wealth & Super Matters we’ll discuss:

  • Property Owners – A Warning About Bond Money

Did you know that money received as a bond from a tenant and retained after they leave your rental property (e.g. for damages, repairs, or rent owing) needs to be reported on your return?

  • Why Is Good Record-keeping Important For Your SMSF?

Managing a self-managed super fund (SMSF) comes with various responsibilities attached, including the critical task of record-keeping.

  • What Is Compassionate Release of Super?

Generally speaking, superannuation is only available to access or draw from once you reach your preservation age. However, limited and highly conditional options are available for some of your super to be released to you in certain circumstances.

  • Safeguarding Your Digital Assets In The Digital Age

In an era of digitalisation and interconnectedness, protecting personal and financial information has become increasingly critical.

  • Protecting Yourself During Life Transitions: Divorce, Retirement, and Inheritance

Life is full of transitions, each bringing with it financial challenges and opportunities.

  • Strategies For Coping With Mortgage Stress

Mortgage stress can weigh heavily on homeowners, causing financial strain and emotional hardships.

And many more…